About Me

I’m selfish yet giving, I’m humorous, I’m silent but observant, I’m hard headed but understanding, I’m assertive yet approachable, I’m friendly but shy, I’ve a big heart but still lacked empathy sometimes.I’ve a soft spot for children. I avoid conflicts & seldom find myself rejecting people as I don’t know what is it about me that make people think I want to hear their problems. Multiple natures of personalities, I must be crazy, not feeling myself, that wasn’t really me. Did I do that ? Jostling, competing characters, some more constructive than others, while others destructive. Some diplomatic, some unhelpful. A realist, insensible to people’s distress at times. Rational humanism. Reason & logic. & whatever food that is invariably in front of me is delicious. You might think you know my thoughts & me but most of the times, you don’t. I’m probably one of those people who can be real awkward. I’m optimistic, realistic, & a revolutionist, rebel from the outskirts. Label me anything; I don’t mind much less giving a damn. I am nothing more, or nothing less, just a normal human being that sees things in a different perspective.


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